AI trends of the 2020s


AI was one of the tech stories of the 2010s but its popularity will keep increasing in the coming years. Which will the trends be?
AI will drive customization to deliver proper experiences to customers. The biggest internet players such as Google and Alibaba are already doing this.
Considering the increasing of data collection, AI will be crucial in the analysis piece for an automated decision making process.
AI tools will be applied to our workspace, house, vehicles, etc.
Human and AI will cooperate more. This is already happening in the HR area, E.g. AI screens the CV, human takes the final decision.
But AI is applied to outr free time. Did you ever think about playing against AI players? E.g. chess game.
Obviously AI is part of the cybersecurity environment. Its application will be crucial as tech attacks are more and more sofisticated.
Do you have any other trend in mind for the 2020 and coming years?

Artificial Intelligence
Human Computer Interaction
Paolo Beffagnotti
8 months ago

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I assume Robot Process Automation will be a hot topic in 2020. This as you can implement it relatively easy, and it may take hours of workload away from employees.

Patrick Henz
8 months ago
Good point Patrick Henz, I fully agree with you. This could indeed save space for employees to work on different projects and maybe implement something new.. The efficiency will increase. - Paolo 8 months ago
Paolo Beffagnotti , yes, it is a interesting opportunity, but also a risk, as employees automate actions, but unconsciously may left out potential decision making inside the process. - Patrick 8 months ago

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