The Impact of Change Management on the implementation of new technologies


How positive has change management and training techniques impacted the implementation of new technologies?

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Bayo Omoyiola
8 months ago

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Good question, Bayo Omoyiola. In order for us to measure the impact of new technologies, structures within each industry need to be aligned and consistent.

I draw from years of working in the public and private sector where a new technology or system is implemented by the leadership and all it takes is for one change in leadership for that system to derail due to misalignment and poor governance.

The value must be understood across all levels in order for the new technology to be embraced and implemented effectively.

Nasreen Saunders
8 months ago

Implementation of new technologies is always complex. The product with new technology can be purchased from third party or can be developed in house. Training is a key for both cases. Implementation of third party required a lot of training to technical operations to understand how properly maintain this. Developing in house requires a training for development team. Absence of such training can be a complete disruption for implementation of third party product or unavailability of moving forward in house development.

Change Management, if we think about the process inside technology operations , would be just a process to control any change in the enterprise production system. So implementation of new technology rarely can be affected by it I think.

However, if we think about implementation of AI/Machine learning inside of this process especially in enterprise system, the impact can be huge. For example, shortlisted change requests with maximum impact on the system, preliminary rejected change requests would help with the load of Change management Board and will simplify the decision.

Natalia Pyalling
8 months ago

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