Alternative to the pain-killing rush of opioid drugs?


What is the best alternative to the pain-killing rush of opioid drugs like morphine?

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Hassan Qudrat-Ullah
11 months ago

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Other drugs for ADD, etc.

David Marcinko
11 months ago

The pain is registered in our brains and with deep meditation we can shut off the pain signals reaching the brain and instead replace them with positivity. Deep prayer+meditation does elevate positive thinking and through meditation we reprogram our brain to replace pain with positive faith that we can cure the pain. With iron willed conviction we can get rid of drug addiction and even cure pain recurrence. And we should ideally combine this self meditation with tow additional activities:
1) acupressure or acupuncture that sends bursts of positive energy impulses to the affected, in pain area that's devoid of positive charge to the affected areas (pain is caused by an imbalance between the positive and negative charge in that region which is rectified by acupressure/acupuncture treatment)
2) get into the habit of regular exercises - both aerobics (lung capacity) and isometrics (muscle building) as this will boost levels of 'happiness hormones' to fight off stress and also strengthen muscles that support our bone structure, while adding to our bone strength. This will ensure that our body can easily carry our weight instead of groaning with pain!

Anshumali Saxena
11 months ago
Nothing new here; anti-depressants are the next opioid crisis in the US - David 11 months ago
Thanks, Anshumali Saxena, however I agree with David Marcinko. - Hassan 10 months ago
Appreciate it - David 10 months ago
Hassan - appreciate it - David 10 months ago

It isn't a popular answer for many people, but I've found medical marijuana (MMJ) to be an effective alternative to opioid pain killers. I have degenerative disc disease and spinal arthritis, so pain is a very present part of my life. So is seeking effective pain relief with as few side effects and risks as possible. MMJ ticks most of those boxes for me. I'm aware of most arguments against MMJ, and I agree with a few of them, but I would continue to support MMJ as a viable pain management tool.

William Wilkins
10 months ago

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