Internet of Things OR Internet of Everything?


Are "Internet of Things" and "Internet of Everything" the same thing? How are they impacting your work?

Internet of Things
Hassan Qudrat-Ullah
29 days ago

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Better it should be - Internet of Things only.

Hitesh Mathpal
29 days ago
Hitesh Mathpal but both terms are now in use, not? - Hassan 29 days ago

To me, both are same.

Bo Chen
29 days ago

I agree with @bo that both should be the same.

Tahir Iqbal
29 days ago

As we already became Cyborgs, using wearables, smart phones, etc., I also would say "Internet of Everything".

Patrick Henz
28 days ago

Does it really matter? I mean sooner or later will have internet in everything, so what is the point here?

Ali Qudrat
27 days ago
Yes, Ali Qudrat it matters. There are places in the world where even today millions have no access to the internet. For them IoT is different than those who can think that internet will be in everything.. - Bo 27 days ago
I agree with you both Bo Chen and Ali Qudrat, there are several countries that have tey to avail the benefits of Internet rather IOT or IoE. - Wasim 21 days ago

Everything we do is somehow linked to internet already. If not us direct, someone in the value chain below us or above us using that already. Efficiency and transparency will continue to increase. But does it really change our values and beleifes - who we are?

Anu Rathninde
26 days ago
I don't think so, Anu Rathninde. - Bo 17 days ago
Bo Chen what examples you can think of that has no connection to internet in the value chain at all? - Anu 12 days ago

Directly or indirectly, everuthing is connected with internet, so what is diffrenece?

Wasim Safdar
16 days ago
I disagree respectfully with you Wasim Safdar. There are millions of people of who have no access to lectricity albeit internet-based services. - Bo 9 days ago

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