T-Shirts : the forgotten social medium


i recently wrote an article in a biz publication in Bangladesh about the role of t-shirts in changing opinions. I would really appreciate any research ( formal or POVs ) on t-shirts and how they have been used and are used as social and mass media ...

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Dave McCaughan
12 months ago

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Hello Dave, good point! Especially in developing countries people are hybrid, using online social media, but also depend often on shirts, which they receive from their employer or political candidates.

Patrick Henz
12 months ago
thanks ... whether you agree with it or not MAGA would not be MAGA without hats and t-shirts. and lets face it sporst fans around the world start the most random conversations with strangers simply on the basis of them both wearing a t-shirt with a team logo ( Come On You Spurs .. Tottenham Hotspurs that is !! ) ... hoping i can get more cases or real research, building a longer article, - Dave 12 months ago

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