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How can organizations deal with less or no integration between Information Technologies and Operational Technologies?

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Pramela Nair Panthallor - PhD
13 months ago

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I believe information technologies and operations technologies go hand in hand. It is not one or the other. I can;'t imagine any operation technology that has no interface with information technology

Bo Chen
12 months ago
Thanks for the answer Bo Chen, Of course IT and OT should go hand-in-hand but with the data available through OT what measures do you think the organizations should be using it to their benefit to integrate the IT with OT? - Pramela Nair 12 months ago
Information Technology (IT) deals with information, software (IT) work hand-in-hand to monitor and regulate essential business processes outside of regular IT workflows. Benefits on the IT side include secure real-time communication with the enterprise’s assets while retaining the requisite efficiency for creating, scaling, maintaining and securing the infrastructure. - Jatindranath 12 months ago

Operational Technology (OT) deals with machines Indeed, hardware which can benefit from this integration with a more efficient, scalable, managed and secured infrastructure onto which numerous applications are layered which include predictive maintenance as well as remote asset monitoring and management. 

Jatindranath Das
12 months ago
Thanks for the answer Jatindranath Das. There are numerous example of operational technologies being used, for example a CCTV or a Sensor which gives data per second. Many organizations have these systems but do not integrate it to any IT system to make use of this data. Is there a way to make use of it for the benefit of the organizations? - Pramela Nair 12 months ago

As Bo Chen has said, every company needs both. They are complementary in nature not one or the other. Sure, depending on the focus of the business, one can have more of IT or OT as deemed fit.

Ali Qudrat
12 months ago

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