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What would be the future of the monarchy in the UK when this Queen dies?

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Imane B
15 months ago

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The monarchy, as archaic as it has become, remains a source of public fascination and interest. I don't see any changes other than a younger replacement.

Michael Fruhling
15 months ago
No changes - Michael 15 months ago
Why would there be no change? - Hassan 15 months ago
It is a figurehead monarchy with no official governmental responsibility. What exactly would you expect to change? - Michael 15 months ago
Lije Brexit, if people feel monarchy as jjust a financial drag, they mights not adore it anymore, a strong possibility. - Hassan 15 months ago
Your guess is as good as anyone's - Michael 15 months ago

Maybe new King will not be that adored and things might change, change is the only constant, as the say.

Hassan Qudrat-Ullah
15 months ago
I think ina decade or so there won;' be many monarchies left and adored in teh world. - Bo 15 months ago
Agreed, Bo Chen. Maybe sooner, this can occur. - Hassan 15 months ago
Agreed, Bo Chen and Hassan Qudrat-Ullah. I am more interested in when Australia and Canada will ditch the ceremonial monarchy? - Tahir 14 months ago

Maybe no chnage in the begiing but soon there will be no king in the UK. As after the Brexit, the UK economy will take a big toll. That will lesson if not abolish the love with Morachs.

Bo Chen
15 months ago
Why no change? - Hassan 15 months ago

Why would be there be any change? Maybe "adoration" will slow down or lesson.

Ali Qudrat
15 months ago
Ali Qudrat, I agree. As times passes, adoration should fade away. - Hassan 15 months ago

Charles might find himself outdated as people feel more aligned with William and Harry. Would he decline the throne in order for the younger man to reign? It would be the right thing to do.

David Cottrell
15 months ago

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