Are streaming services killing TV ?


With the growing use of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Youtube, what do you think the future of TV channels ?

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Charu Gulati
41 months ago

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I think "Killing" is too strong but yes in the entertainment side, TV channels are loosing a lot to streaming companies . Content on Demand is the future. However there are still some areas like sports or news where TV channels are still having a hold.

Hitesh Mathpal
41 months ago
Agree - content on demand is future. What can TV do different ? - Charu 41 months ago

Throughout history it’s very rare for an entire form of entertainment to just completely die off. Styles, tastes, presentation, all change and evolve - but they rarely completely vanish.

Much like musical plays and radio, movie theaters will evolve to face the changing consumer preferences. We are already seeing many innovations to the theatrical experience (e.g. subscription-based ticketing, premium food options, reclining seats, 4-D) designed to counteract streaming services.

Now television maybe a completely different story. I think streaming services will affect both broadcast and cable television networks far more than movie theaters.

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Fact DNA
41 months ago

TV expands to fill the available time in the schedules. The vast majority of channels offer repeats and adverts. They are killing themselves off. The quality of top TV drama is at an all-time high. People want to be entertained and watch quality product.

David Cottrell
41 months ago
Indeed. - Maya 41 months ago

Content streaming and content on demand is better than TV channels. Also, the breaks and time slots issues are another thing that goes against the channels. They need to seek some innovative ideas to deal with consumer demands.

Maya Kharkwal MA, BEd
41 months ago
What can TV do different ? - Charu 41 months ago

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