Digital Story Telling


Can anyone provide a strategy for digital story telling?


Digital Storytelling
Rosa John
60 months ago

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You mean story-telling using technology? We have advanced technology, so it is up to use to find a creative usage for it. For example, internal communication, HR, Compliance can create small video (micro-learnings), telling a short story, relevant to explain a business requirement.

Also you can use Virtual Reality-glasses to create a rare business case to prepare employees.

Patrick Henz
60 months ago
You can even include your message into a short-story: - Patrick 60 months ago
I am trying to understand what's this new buzz word ' digital story telling'. It appears that it's nothing but provide scenarios using digital technologies such as videos. - right? - Rosa 60 months ago
Rosa, yes: - Patrick 60 months ago
Make sense. Thanks Patrick! - Rosa 60 months ago

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