"Wolfram Alpha" Answer Engine: What are Top Five Real-World Question-Answer examples?


This question is intended for those who have real-world, hands-on user experience with any of Wolfram's multiple technologies, tool sets, and curated knowledge sources. 

What five question-answer sets illustrate Wolfram Alpha's performance and compelling value to you?

Ideally, these examples would be in the Digital Health / Healthcare / Bioinformatics space..

Examples from other market segments would also be helpful.. 

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Knowledge Representation
Knowledge Engineering
Knowledge Discovery
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Ron Ribitzky
35 months ago

1 answer


What I really like here is the opportunity to compute answers by using algorhitms. For example in the personal health area you can compare different physical exercise or calculate a weight loss regime. Based on computational and information input you can get info on the metabolic properties, estimated heart rate (and you can compare this with your real one), find equivalent activities, etc. This is an example of the unique value of Wolfram Alpha, you can't do this by using other answer engines.

Paolo Beffagnotti
35 months ago
So true. Have been using it for years, - Dr. David E. 35 months ago
I started to use it more few time ago after we discussed on this here. Thanks for your input, appreciated! - Paolo 35 months ago
thaanks Dr. David E. Marcinko MBA - Paolo 35 months ago
U R very welcomed - Dr. David E. 35 months ago

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