Improve sleep to perform optimal at work.


What are the best initiatives for improving sleep during night in order to perform optimal at work?

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Preben B
10 months ago

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Keep the bedroom for sleep. No TV, electronic equipment and gadgetry. Don't leave eating too late and avoid alcohol. Sounds miserable!

David Cottrell
3 months ago

Lack of sleep is often due to a high amount of psychological stress. Psychological stress causes the "stress response," much of which is triggered in order for us to physically do something to alleviate the cause of stress (fight or flight). But often, something physical is not done--and may not even be appropriate--and the body builds up the chemical and hormonal secretions of the stress response. These can lead to insomnia, and many ailments.

Thus, mild to moderate exercise is the most natural way to "burn up" the chemical results of the stress response, and cause a natural relaxation oof the body, which can then allow for restful sleep. It is "nature's tranquilizer." This is what I recommend as the "first line of defense" in handling inevitable stress. Proper nutrition, massage, sauna, whirlpool, and other natural methods can be used to create a optimal function and relaxation of the body.

Roy Vartabedian, DrPH, MPH
10 months ago

As far as I am aware, the fundamentals about good sleep health have been pretty well understood for quite a while. One of the leading researchers in this area was my friend and colleague, Dr. James Maas, formerly of Cornell. He did landmark research on sleep with commercial flight crews (among others). I recommend just about any of his many books on the subject. Here's a link to a search on Amazon:

Alfred Poor
9 months ago

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