AI vs customized and human customer service


How to use AI tools in a smart way when customers love to get a personnalized and human service?

Nicolas Gilbert
77 months ago

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Nicholas, based on interviews I just conducted with 23 AI executives, 70 to 80% of questions customers have for CSRs, or employees have for IT support, are easily handled by bots. Letting bots handle this "low hanging fruit" frees up CSRs and IT support to provide personalized/human service to resolve more complex issues.
I also see this as a generational issue. One of the executives I interviewed has a 16 year-old daughter with only four apps on her smartphone - WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and SnapChat. She uses the bots in these messaging apps to access all others (e.g., Nordstom's).
As AI gets smarter with more data, it will be able to provide more personalized service than humans because it will know more about the customer than any human can.

C. Thomas (Tom) Smith, III
77 months ago

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