C. Thomas (Tom) Smith, III

C. Thomas (Tom) Smith, III

Research Analyst | Marketing Strategist at Devada for - Developers Enabling Developers at Devada

Joined 02/29/2016


♦Ownership for Driving more than $37 Billion in Total Revenue for Clients and Employers
♦Strategic Marketing Positioning Expert
♦Brand Differentiator
♦Transformational Digital Leader
♦Content Strategist and Creator

♦Innovator and change agent energized by solving business problems to drive revenue.

Listen to customers and share information of value to provide an improved customer experience (CX) and make a positive impact.

Create stories with data to help make informed business decisions to promote:
♦ Digital transformation - help clients see friction and opportunities through their customers' eyes
♦ DevOps – listen to consumers in real-time and iterate to provide a great customer experience
♦ Use of big data, internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), deep learning (DL), and robotic process automation (RPA) to make informed business decisions and automate business processes
♦ Use of technology to drive revenue and reduce costs

♦ I differentiate brands by improving UX and delivering memorable CX to create an emotional connection to the brand, customers for life, and referrals.

IT research analyst and full-stack marketer who has interviewed more than 1,100 IT executives, written more than 1,100 articles, worked with more than 120 clients in 18 different industries (Chemicals/Allied Products, CPG, Education, Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, IT/SaaS, Insurance, Leisure/Recreation, Manufacturing, Non-Profits, Paper, Professional Services, Publishing/Media, Real Estate, Retail, Telecommunications, Transportation) to drive revenue and reduce expense.

Contact: ⌨ | ☎ (919) 306-5876 | @ctsmithiii

Let me know how I can assist you or your organization.
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Marketing Strategist | Research Analyst | Marketing Automation | Digital | Content Marketing | VOC at DZone - The Knowledge Sharing Company
Principal Consultant at Insights From Analytics/Gerson Lehrman Group Consultant
Research Analyst | Marketing Strategist at Devada
Strategy | Marketing | Analytics | Operations | Automation | Research at Insights From Analytics
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