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Marketers have recognized the importance of brand storytelling since branding became an important marketing topic. So, what's different today? Why is there more emphasis on it?

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Laurence Minsky
10 months ago

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I'm not certain that there is more emphasis on brand story telling, but it certainly is becoming more important. Consumer attention spans seem to be getting shorter, so you must engage prospects with a message that will be "sticky". This helps them position your product or service, and provides a context for its attributes that they can recall when it comes time to make a purchase choice.

Alfred Poor
9 months ago
To me, this is happening as competition increased and brands need to differentiate themselves to attract attention - Paolo 9 months ago
STing always seemed fake to me. - Dr. David E. 8 months ago

We are bombarded by advertising and become blasé about it. Something that engages us needs to have a compelling story in order to take it beyond the norm.

David Cottrell
3 months ago

Brand loyalty with consumers is waning. Storytelling allows marketers to convey the personality of the brand by conveying messaging that hits consumers' "emotional quotient". Ted Rubin calls this ROR or "Return on Relationship". The more intimate the relationship with consumers, the higher likelihood of resonance with intent. Check out the LinkedIn study on storytelling here:

Vic Clesceri
3 months ago

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