Measuring impact of AI on global economy


In global economy many sectors including fnance, insurance, health, consumer goods etc. are experiencing
upheaval through use of AI techniques to learn, model, and predict agent actions with a combination of high complexity and high rewards for navigating that complexity.
Q1: What factors make an industry more amenable or less amenable to increased influence of AI and automation?
Q2: While few tasks/jobs could be done by bots/robots/machines in principle but require a particular advance in AI before it becomes feasible. Can you highlight some of those prerequisite advances?

Kishor Akshinthala
40 months ago

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For Q1 - One factor is the quality and quantity of availble data set. For processes/systems that have limited sensors or data for feedback, AI implemenation on any worthwhile level will be severly hampered. Classic case of GIGO (garbage in garbage out). What's amazing with AI and machine learning is it's ability to process near limitless signals/data points, interpret, and implement change (as compared to the human counterpart).

Philip Tuet
40 months ago
Agreed Philip. Availability of data has been critical to success of AI. Thinking about it, attempt to solve the practical limitations of data, can lead to an interesting research focus for "AI with Less Data". What if AI based on the issue at hand with less data, determine resolution refering to expert systems/manufacturer’s know-how of product, resolution, size, and other features etc. - Kishor 40 months ago

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