The Future of Ad Agencies?


Brief: The marketing/ad agency industry is going through transition due to a plethora of challenges:

  • Work transitioning in-house
  • Continual reduction in fees
  • Increased competition from consulting services
  • Transparency issues
  • Future tech (AI, Voice, Big Data, Bitcoin, etc.)
  • Short term client needs/requests vs. Long term solutions to client problems
  • Work force that is challenging the old way of working
  • Other? (Feel free to add to this list)

Discussion Question: What is the future of the marketing/ad agency? How do agencies overcome these problems and create value for their clients while staying profitable?

Future of work
Value Creation
Joseph Hwalek
46 months ago

3 answers

  • new channels of communication, digital will lead the market. (e.g. Google almost everywhere, Yandex in Russia, Baidu in China), marketplaces (e.g. Alibaba Group, Amazon, eBay, Mercadolibre, etc.) and social media (e.g. Facebook Marketplaces, Instagram, WeChat).
  • tech will change, AI, machine learnings and algorithms are the new keys
  • new markets with new consumers pop up out of the blue in a few time
  • competition increased and is more and more global
  • transparency, privacy and security are some of the main issues
  • workforce needs to have different skills (e.g. blockchain, none was talking about this just few time ago)
  • be ready for the new challenges, opportunities and threats
Paolo Beffagnotti
46 months ago
Build OR Buy is the question - Dr. David E. 36 months ago

With the onset of social media, and online market giants such as Amazon and eBay, as well as email marketing campaigns, technology has changed the way we do business and especially when it comes to advertising. In spite of all the changes, people still want information - GOOD information that creates value and benefit for the reader, and that can build loyalty from customers and consumers.

Sherry Granader
46 months ago
Maybe - Dr. David E. 36 months ago

COD = Social media

Dr. David E. M
36 months ago

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