Urgency and Supply Chain

  • How can supply chain fulfill the urgency of Production?
  • How can we synchronize the communication and work between supply chain, Production, R & D and Warehouse?
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Abhishek Raj
35 months ago

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In an ideal world, working towards a Pull replenishment system into & out of production, leads to many work streams to unlock a synchronized supply chain. It can work, does not solve all problems, and requires very senior leadership sponsorship to maintain the discipline between logistics, manufacturing, sales, and revenue management.
If an S&OP program is not in place, start here. Plenty of material online on how, as well as the benefits. If it is in place and synchronization is still an issue, consider a cross-functional review to understand where the deviations are occurring - VSMs and RCAs may be required
If keeping up with production output is the challenge, you may need to understand how your buffers are designed - ie what inventory parameters are you considering, and how well can your WHs react "service level to production" etc. Are there consistent operational issues which require more than fire-fighting attention eg Is there an off-take issue which is clogging the supply chain and choking production to a halt, is the process serving the operation or does it require enhancement/review etc.
Hope i've touched on areas you are seeking

Matthew Theocharous
34 months ago

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