Are we that self all about me, my & I? Did facebook launch narcissism?


Are social media sites-profiles & pages creating a narcissistic society? Is our personal public image all we care about. Is it...I look, dress & the drive the best-be like me?.

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47 months ago

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Society has always been narcissistic. Social media is just rewarding those behaviors and making them more visible.

Richard Goldsmith
47 months ago
good insight, in today's times we have the ability to share experiences globally at the speed of light so to speak - ANTHONY MICHAEL 47 months ago
Agree, that there was always that underline sense of self-centeredness, in some cultures more than others. The "Selfie" and the personal public image isn't anything new. Mr. Bean has been taking selfies since the 90's. :) - Juanita S. 44 months ago
Greater ego = less intelligence? - Dr. David E. 36 months ago
Hi IQ = Low EQ? - Dr. David E. 36 months ago

Most of social media is just used to set up a private show and share this externally. Few cases (e.g. Linkedin) could have a different goal.

Paolo Beffagnotti
47 months ago
Thank you. I get that feeling of a 'private show'...when I post anything on my pages - ANTHONY MICHAEL 47 months ago
Agreed - Dr. David E. 36 months ago
then we now have social media such as Yammer, Everyme, 23snaps, etc. for more private shows - Paolo 36 months ago
OK- thanks - Dr. David E. 36 months ago

Social media has lots its strategic way. It's not just Facebook that has issues; all the platforms have issues.

Michael Shmarak
45 months ago
TRUE dat! - Dr. David E. 36 months ago

I believe that social media profile/pages do enhance this sense of self-centered thinking. However, they are not solely to blame. Outside of social media, there is this sense of self-entitlement and need of instant-gratification that have resulted from the "self-esteem" movement happening in society via the media, homes and schools. People, especially the younger generations, are being praised for talents that they do not have or awarded for skills they have not mastered. This also creates a case of disillusionment and narcism. The advancements in technology and the internet, despite social media, also creates this need for instant gratification. This can lead to the constant focus and need to satisfy one's needs and ego over all else.

Juanita S. Carmet
44 months ago
Madison Avenue marketing - Dr. David E. 36 months ago

Social Media is a true reflection in a society we live in. People do what they want and dress how they want to look like - more openly in social media. It's human psychology to look for admire, likes and good words. Social platforms are selling this psychology. 

It's like going to a park with friends. You want admiration from your friends but you also want to look good to the strangers. It was always there.

Hitesh Mathpal
36 months ago
Of course - narcissism present for thousands of years = pyramids? - Dr. David E. 36 months ago
Agree. Its age old or civilizations old thing. - Maya 36 months ago
Many thanks - Dr. David E. 36 months ago

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