Gen Y and Gen Me


What is crucial to understand their (Gen Y & Gen Me) characteristics?
What drives them (Gen Y & Gen Me)?
What drives their loyalty?
How to manage them in workplace?
What performance evaluation matrix needs to be build to evaluate them?

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Samares B
68 months ago

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Samares, I suggest you take a look at Integral Psychology for some of your answers!
Most if the classifications used with marketing are actually nuances and biases for a given worldview transition - in this case GenY/Me - (some 70 million are the current estimates!) - are those youngsters who are aware that 'something needs to change but they are not sure what' - This is why they are mot easy to engage as they are not sure what to do, or what to trust, as their deeper knowing is "something needs to change but they are not sure what?"

There is some new research to be done here! But research that is informed of the stratified nature of human awareness, and human emergence, and that the current classifications are poor and inadequate compared to what is possible.

Best regards

Christopher Cooke
68 months ago
Agree Christopher. Thanks for your response with the information. - Samares 68 months ago

I just shared this on another post at however this study run by Nielsen could be of interest for this topic too, what drives these generations and their priorities.

Paolo Beffagnotti
68 months ago
Thanks Paolo for sharing the weblinks of Nielsen study! - Samares 68 months ago

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