How Apps Like Offer Up And LetGo make money?


How Apps Like Offer Up And LetGo make money? I read this article and it's hard to me to understand how it works

Mobile Applications
Ulianna Cortan
68 months ago

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The article you link to provides the four mechanisms used (and I quote):

Online transactions
If customers can pay via your app, you can charge a fixed price or a percent of every deal. Its easy to do with some third-party services like Stripe, for instance.

What is meant here is the ability to buy some special offers, or sellers can pay to place their ads at the top.

Your service can also be a mediator allowing sellers to expand the trading territory.

Internal ads
An opportunity to publish action offers, special offers and a system of internal recommendations.

<end quote>
Of course, your app needs to be so attractive that it pulls people in first, it must have an added value that makes people want to use it, or the four mechanisms above will not yield any income.

Bart Groenewoud
68 months ago

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68 months ago

I have read this post but I feel something is missing in it. You need to update this post accordingly users usage. Day by day companies or users using mobile apps and developing different kind of apps for their personal use.

Arya Moore
Creating Better Days

Arya M
38 months ago

Great article, you can also check other best apps to sell your stuff and functions same like Offer Up.
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Marvin Reese
20 months ago

Offer Up generates revenue by charging a fee for every transaction that happens on the platform. LetGo charges a commission fee for every sale they facilitate.

patrick rall
14 months ago

Smart app!
Use money with purpose cuphead and stumble guys

sawadid sawadid
11 months ago

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