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What advances have been made in respect to shoe material in sports shoes since 2000?

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Peter Bullen
57 months ago

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Materials for shoes were improved every year.
But, unfortunately, no matter how we take care of our shoes, they always fail.
I have not yet found the perfect material for the shoes I buy, but I know exactly where to go if it needs to be repaired.
Specialists know their business perfectly.

Robert Benson
8 months ago

New materials were used to manufacture apparel, e.g. thermal technology including materials reacting to the body temperature and perspiration. Instead of absorbing sweat, it is moved on the external side of the clothing to evaporate.
Apparel is now more functional and even fashionable. Jerseys are lightweight but at the same time these protect you from atmospheric agents such as rain, snow and wind.
Technology is applied to apparel too. Different companies are working and sometimes already applied sensors to track your biometric data.
Lastly apparel is more durable and easy to wash, in most of the cases you even do not need to iron these.

Paolo Beffagnotti
57 months ago
these type of materials were already on the market, reasearched and implemented by such companies as Brlington and Du Pont.I was retailing them in the late ninetees, however my question was on sports shoes. - Peter 57 months ago
sorry my bad. SOme technologies are: Super light and form fitting material such as Flyknit, a polyester yarn, developed by Nike. It deliver with peak performance and reduce manufacturing waste during the creation. Another style of running shoes with a a full length carbon plate that reduces the energetic cost of running using a very light, compressible and springy foam. - Paolo 57 months ago
High-performance running shoes with a 3D-printed midsole made from a newly developed elastomeric powder. - Paolo 57 months ago

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