Advisory Board on Exploring Conjugation of Molecular Structures


what problem this activity is trying to solve?
what potential applications are this research activities amining to?
Is this a step-change effort or incremental?

Hai Du
43 months ago

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Hai Du,
Can you Clairify what you need? I work heavily in new compound creation and conjucation of various compounds but it is not clear at all what you need from this aspect.

James Stephens
43 months ago

I agree with James, molecular conjugation is a rather large area even as it is applied to pharmaceuticals. You can add functionality, add mass, add targeting, join biologics with nonbiologics. In some cases, it is for drug delivery or to alter pharmacokinetics. In many cases, the process is as important as the product. Please let us know.

Meg B
43 months ago

also agree. We need to know more about the needs to be sure that the input will be valuable.

Geoffroy SOMMEN
43 months ago

The main purpose of "Conjugation of Molecular Structures" is to provide special functionalities to the molecules or molecular aggregates are concerned. I agree with all that the scope of the area associated with vast subject related to (i) Therapeutic drug conjugates, (ii) Drug Delivery, (iii) Increasing solubility/bioavailability, (iv) Nano-sensors/diagnostics, (v) Optoelectronics/Nanoelectronics/Molecular switch, (vi) New Bio-materials, (vii) Special care (wound, burn care), (viii) fictionalized cosmetics products and many more.

Therefore specific areas should mentioned, where we can provide inputs from different expert areas.

Samares B
40 months ago

Have some input?