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Healthcare is evolving, as is evident from the shift in priorities among the healthcare providers and payers towards wider and more cost effective access to medications. The role of a 'marketeer' is nothing like it was a decade ago, and will be very different a decade from today.

How, in your opinion, will the role of a marketeer evolve? Will we have brand managers a decade from now? Or will organizations shift more towards a Medical Data Discussion team and Payer Account Management teams?

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Rubina Khan
51 months ago

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We need the role of marketeers in healthcare to lead the strategy development of healthcare organizations. The current silos in healthcare are archaic, costly and can lead to patient harm. If we put strategic thinkers at the top positions in healthcare, they will be able to redesign the system based on the patient journey and not the doctors schedule. This is a radical shift, but starting to take hold with with joining of large insurance companies and consumer pharmacies. (AETNA and CVS) The role of the marketeer needs to evolve to reflect the end-user experience across multiple systems of care. When the journey map is customer focused, redundancy will be reduced and cost-savings will appear.

Randi Oster
50 months ago
I completely agree that marketers need to be more consumer focused, and represent consumer needs instead of trying to just sell a product or fill a doctor's schedule as you pointed out. This is the case across other industries also and not just in healthcare where marketers need to be consumer-centric instead of product-centric. - Minji 49 months ago

I believe the Brand Manager role, for instance in Pharma, is obsolete. It reflected a reality which is now moving to a much more patient-centric, but also healthcare-system-aware, approach. Moreover, given the complexities of portfolios today, it ends up creating negative competition and tension between brand managers vying for the same market.

Instead of trying to grow their part of the pie, the Marketeers in Healthcare should be about growing the whole pie and perhaps tapping into other "pies" (like benefits, patient engagement, data, and more).

Hopefully this will lead to a more end-to-end approach, perhaps capturing products even while in R&D (and not forgetting about them when their patent expires).

Thanos Kosmidis
50 months ago

I believe there will still be a need for marketers in the industry, for someone to analyze the data and be the voice for the consumer. Even though consumers have access to different kinds of information, they are not always informed. And the role of marketers is to bridge that gap, of informing consumers about new trends and technology in healthcare that is beneficial to them and communicating the information in a way that consumers can easily understand.

Minji Co
49 months ago

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