Why do they fail to exploit their oil wealth?


Why do several major oil-rich countries fail to exploit their oil wealth successfully?

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Poverty Reduction
Wasim Safdar
11 months ago

4 answers

  1. Due to mass spread corruption
  2. Weak political system
  3. Marginalization of certain groups
  4. insecurity and internal strive
Ibitoye Segun Emmanuel
11 months ago
Thanks, Ibitoye Segun Emmanuel, I agree. But some say it is "oil curse", what do you think? - Wasim 11 months ago

It is called, OIl curse:, not?

Hassan Qudrat-Ullah
11 months ago
I agree with you, Hassan Qudrat-Ullah. If it is not a curse then why Venzvala and Nigeria show much poverty.. - Bo 11 months ago

Simply poor management and corrupt practices. .

Ali Qudrat
11 months ago
Ali Qudrat I agree with you completely. - Ibitoye 11 months ago
I agree with you Ali Qudrat and Ibitoye Segun Emmanuel, it is all about management else how Singapires' GDp could be larger than several oil rich countries. - Hassan 11 months ago
Ali Qudrat I agree with and those who agree with you on this. Better managment will lead to better life for masses of these oil rich countries. - Bo 10 months ago

I think instead of a "Oil Course", It is curse made the people of those oile countries for themselves. They would be better off if they manag eit well.

Bo Chen
11 months ago
I agree Bo Chen. Good management can help bring chnage in the lives of mases of these nations. - Wasim 10 months ago

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