Spending money but how


What are the top three things that are competing for your hard-earned money?

spending money
Priority Management
Hassan Qudrat-Ullah
23 days ago

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It is chaning with age but one constant is "mordgae". for me.

Tahir Iqbal
22 days ago

Current bills, retirment savings and medical expenses

Anu Rathninde
21 days ago

2-student debt
3-car insurance

Ali Qudrat
22 days ago

Well, thanksHassan Qudrat-Ullah for this interesting and relevant question. For me,, kids tuitio fee is the big one. and the comes the rent of place we live in.

22 days ago

The big money sucker is education debt for me.

Wasim Safdar
21 days ago
Wasim Safdar you are not alone in this. I hope Hassan Qudrat-Ullah' this question is shared with some education sector decision makers. Skyrocketing tuition fees are a big drag for new graduates. - Ali 20 days ago
I agee with Ali that Hassan Qudrat-Ullah is question and all its responses should be shared with education policy maker. Let us hope that someone take actions bring the tuition rates lower. - Wasim 18 days ago
Hassan Qudrat-Ullah, please comple and send us to all to share with others. - Wasim 18 days ago
I agree with Wasim Safdar, if a list is complied abd shared by Hassan Qudrat-Ullah, we all will benfit. I will certainly share it with my netwrok here and at other plateforms. - Ali 16 days ago

By far, education loan and rent are the big money sucker for me.

Bo Chen
15 days ago

Wine, women and song. I waste the rest!

David Cottrell
10 days ago

Great question Dr. Hassan!
For me it would be:

  1. Yearly tuition for education of children
  2. Savings to start a business
  3. Savings to buy a house

Dr. Pramela Nair Panthallor
9 days ago
I agree that Hassan Qudrat-Ullah has posted a great question, so for responses show either tuition or housing is the culprit. I am not sure how either is going to change in our lives. - Bo 5 days ago

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