The small suppliers of parts to Boing for 737 MAX?


How badly are affected the small suppliers of parts to Boing for 737 MAX?

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Wasim Safdar
15 months ago

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If any of then was soley depdenent on Boing, one could imagine a bankrupcy is close. Usually they supply parts to others as well, so hope still in business.

Imane B
15 months ago
Supplier with a single product, sure, will be out of buiness even Boing might come back soon with the improved version of 737 Max. - - Hassan 15 months ago

I hope they diversify their business else in big trouble.

Hassan Qudrat-Ullah
15 months ago
For a small supplier, it is not easy to have a diverse portfolio of products. Diversification in their clients is also limited. Boing or AirBus or few other small plane manufacturers. - Wasim 15 months ago
In Chian, mote of the suppliers have nore than once clients. - Bo 15 months ago

Well, it depends if the said supplier has only one or more. Sure, it will be impacted if Boing is one of their clients but will survive if it has a diversified portfolio of products and clients.

Bo Chen
15 months ago

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