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What appears to be the most effective learning technologies on the market? Don't necessarily need brand names, but a quick description of the tech tools and why they work would be terrific!

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Chris Osborn
15 months ago

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I'll focus on two that I use daily.

  • Mobile learning - both in scale and effectiveness. Learning management systems (LMS) have integrated mobile apps to have the online learning environment mirror that in traditional online learning. This is a tremendous platform as there are now 5.122 billion unique mobile users with 4.388 billion having internet access. I've been an adjunct professor of marketing and management for almost twenty years. I'm now certified in six LMS platforms and use mobile learning to interact with my students daily.

  • MOOCs - Coursera, EdX, Udemy, etc. I'm a huge proponent of these and have not only piloted courses myself, but have integrated these platforms within my talent management execution for my employee's IDPs. As of 2017, there were 57 platforms across 23 countries offering 17,000+ courses to 100+ million users. In addition to these, my employees take courses via LinkedIn Learning.

Others learning tech that exists: video-based training, virtual learning environments, adaptive learning, games and simulations, e-learning/social media technologies, etc.

Vic Clesceri
15 months ago

I would say, Moodle.

Bo Chen
15 months ago

Hi Chris,

It would be best to know the needs you have and what pains are you trying to solve before putting together the right mix of learning methods.
Technology per se should not be the focus of instructional designer / L&D professional. It is merely a tool. And some learning needs are more efficiently met by learning experiences that don’t involve technology.

Based on the assumption that you are building a general pool of “what’s out there”, here are two learning trends backed by technology.

Social learning - making sure you create a culture of learning through sharing. Learning happens during social interaction at work. Technologically speaking, make sire your LMS or e-learning platform has a forum active, that people can see and comment each other’s assignments for example. Also, you might want to check Working Out Loud for this topic.

Employee generated learning - having your subject matter experts create content for your your employees, or managers for their teams. You can publish content at a faster rate, create content that is relevant right now and keeping it up-to-date. As a tool, check Easygenerator or Talent Soft (they have an app called Skillcatch witch allows every user to make and edit short instructional videos with their mobile)


Anamaria Dorgo
15 months ago

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