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Are there some good jobs-at-home for a recent Ph D.. in Biomedical Engineering"

Biomedical Engineering
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Hassan Qudrat-Ullah
1 month ago

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Hard to imagine that such a technical subject can be managed from home unless just working as a consultant. But I assume new PhD students wouldn't have the experience to work as a consultant.

David Cottrell
1 month ago
Thanks, David. Yes, new PhD, so not much experience. Perhaps some online teaching could be explored. - Hassan 1 month ago

Perhapes an intership/fellowships with a research firm in the domain should be the first step. Without filed experience, it would be heard to find a home-based job.

Ali Qudrat
8 days ago

Academic consulting to new aspirants who want to do a Ph.D in Biomedecal Engineering is an option to work from home..

Dr. Pramela Nair Panthallor
4 days ago

Best hone-based opportunity for this person would be tutoring/online teaching which is picking up globally. Give it a try and see how soon you are on track.

Bo Chen
3 days ago

Become a freelance writer on the subject.

Wasim Safdar
6 hours ago

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