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What are the most used apps in your mobile ? Which apps you will recommend for others and why?

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Fact DNA
17 months ago

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Most often I find myself using the GMail app, Voice Memo, Samsung SmartThings for home automation and LinkedIn.
I prefer the GMail app as it allows me to easily consolidate multiple mail sources into a single interface, which is important with one device and 3 businesses to manage.
I use Voice Memo for practically everything that comes to mind while driving, working out, reading a book or even conversation. I can search easily and it has allowed me to retain sparks of innovation and ideas for development.
Samsung SmartThings is a wonderful platform app for ZWave devices. Almost all of the main manufacturers of IOT devices offer an interface to Samsung which makes it easy to expand the automation and controls around our home. From security to comfort and lighting this platform is easy to use and easy to manage.
Lastly I use LinkedIn a lot. Networking, research and some interesting reads about things I would not normally have discovered on my own. The networking aspect of LI has allowed me to connect with new people, reconnect with former colleagues and join groups of people with similar interests. I recommend all 4 of these apps to everyone I meet for the reasons I use them.

Oren Birks, MBA
17 months ago

facebook, bank apps, google and supermarket apps

María F Lara
17 months ago

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