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Hi, which job portal do you prefer to find the best talent. Do you still use Monster ? Which one do you prefer between Indeed and LinkedIn.

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Charu Gulati
53 months ago

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LinkedIn, with its premium service works well. I never tried Indeed but heard its good too.

Hitesh Mathpal
53 months ago
LinkedIn is good. But I think Indeed has a richer database. - Maya 53 months ago

Finding the best talent - that is pretty vast. I have used all job portals being a recruiter. Sometimes candidates repeat. Once, Monster was very popular but now a days, Indeed and LinkedIn are very popular. However, its your interview process that really helps for the talent. Beware, a good number of profiles are fake too.

Maya Kharkwal MA, BEd
53 months ago
Thanks Maya. Do you know any tool that filters fake profiles too ? - Charu 53 months ago


Sandra Rebelo
53 months ago

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