Is Netflix killing Cinema?


Netflix has revolutionised the way we watch TV. This year, the streaming service has also earned its first best picture Oscar nomination for Roma. But what impact is streaming films at home having on the cinema?

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David Cottrell
18 months ago

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Does anybody know what time it is?
Does anybody even care?

THINK: 8 track tape decks; etc.

Dr. David E. M
18 months ago
Cassettes and vinyl are making a comeback. It's 11:23 - David 18 months ago
But, not a business comback = just a nostalgic blimp - Dr. David E. 18 months ago

Netflix is killing TV and home theatres for sure. Cinema is driven by box-office economics and there Netflix is not more than a production company.
Multiplex and theatre movie experience is driven by experience and popular culture.

Yes, but Netflix is certainly not good for dish tv kind of vendors.

Hitesh Mathpal
18 months ago
Agree - cinema dying a long slow death - Dr. David E. 18 months ago
Thanks David. - Hitesh 18 months ago
U R welcomed - Dr. David E. 18 months ago

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