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How to negotiate your salary with your employer to get a perfect hike at the time of interview?

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Er. B
31 months ago

5 answers



1 - Know the market place and comparable market rates
2 - Do not speak first - hold your tongue and wait 
3 - Wait until a concrete  offer is made
4 - Consider the entire package with fringe benefits.
4- Have concrete reasons at the ready which help the company; not you.
5 - Stay cool and calm.


Dr. David E. M
31 months ago
Thank you so much for your kind informations. - Er. 31 months ago
You are welcomed - Dr. David E. 31 months ago
At the time of interview negotiation of salary depend on type of service, location of service standard of company, experience of candidate and his intelligence and pleasure of reply or performance of interview. - J N Das 31 months ago
NOPE = Availability of other similar candidates - PERIOD - Dr. David E. 31 months ago
Dr. David E. Marcinko MBA Agreed but we should n't underestimate other common factors as well which are impacting the carrier growth more. - Er. 31 months ago
common = meaningless pretyy much - Dr. David E. 31 months ago
Don't think so.As considering our carrier still some common facts are going with us and these are working as pillars for our carrier. - Er. 31 months ago
A cost-volume-profit relationship exists in any entity and emphasizes the point that the goal of an efficient organization should be profit optimization, rather than revenue or volume maximization. - Dr. David E. 31 months ago
The profit of any business is what’s left after all financial outflows are removed from all financial inflows. - Dr. David E. 31 months ago

I don't know where in the world you are looking for a job, but I will say that in the US it is getting harder to negotiate a large raise at the time of hire because of a new set of laws being put in around the country. The laws mandate equal pay for the same job, and many of the laws actually have provisions that say that an employer can not raise a salary outside of the original salary range just because someone says they have a better offer for more pay.

So, my suggestion is to ask what the salary range is for the role. Then say something like "it would make it really easy to say yes if you would make the starting salary (fill in a number slightly higher than what you were offered that is within the range they stated for the role)

Ellen Raim
31 months ago
Thanks for your suggestions.It will help every employee to boost there carrier. - Er. 31 months ago
equal pay for the same job = pretty much for grunt level workers - Dr. David E. 31 months ago
It also depends on locality as well. - Er. 31 months ago
Equal pay for equal work is a principle of law but when contract service and regular service principle adopted it has crated peculiar things. - J N Das 31 months ago
Very interesting - Dr. David E. 31 months ago
Getting two job offers may require much more work than applying to two different companies, Business Insider reports. Recent college graduates have about a 10% interview rate when applying for jobs. Of those interviewed, roughly 46% receive an offer. That means recent college graduates need to apply to at least 50 different jobs to have high confidence in getting two offers. - Dr. David E. 31 months ago

If you are in US market followings can help -

  1. Do your proper market research for the role. Ask within the market norms. Say if the market is offering $90K to 120K, you can ask for anything in between.
  2. Never start this discussion first.
  3. Consider the whole package - not your in-hand money.
  4. You can also check ( if possible) how salary growth works in your employer's company.
Hitesh Mathpal
31 months ago
Pretty much what I said, above, and very routine! - Dr. David E. 31 months ago
Ask what market is offering - may be the high range if you feel like - also sometime they may offer little less in money but a lot of other perks. A dollar saved is a dollar earned, - Maya 31 months ago
Repeat - Repeat and Repeat - Dr. David E. 31 months ago
But it is different view that when employees negotiate for salary with their company it comes under trade union Act, Contract under labour Law when union leaders and management representative will reach at a conclusion for finalizing salary with giving importance on salary of approved by Govt as well as paid to sister concerned. - J N Das 31 months ago
Good point but way OFF TOPIC - Dr. David E. 31 months ago
Depends on the industry too. Thanks David.. - Hitesh 31 months ago
Union industries - understood - not professionals? - Dr. David E. 31 months ago
Professional industries (privately owned) sometimes behaves as per need of the hour. Say - you need to start an AI project from next week since your existing customer wants that , you will pay $300K per year to a new hire if he/she asks so. But, if the project in pipeline you take the liberty to negotiate and find other resources who can work in less. - Hitesh 31 months ago
OK fine = micro managing here. Thanks - Dr. David E. 31 months ago
Hitesh Mathpal great ...nice informations - Er. 31 months ago
Appreciate it - Dr. David E. 31 months ago
When you know you have niche skills and less competition in the market - the ball is in your court. These days if you are a ML expert and you don't ask for high salary -thats not good. - Charu 31 months ago
Totally agree - many thanks - Dr. David E. 31 months ago

When you are going for interview and want to negotiate for salary at that time you should consider to mention specific salary at the time of submitting offer reply before employer which start negotiations with employer. You should not commit too as employer often offers the job and salary simultaneously never say yes right away even if you like the offer. Always come back and try to get more tell them you'll give them an answer within a certain time frame. If you've been interviewing for other jobs, call those prospective employers, tell them about your offer and see if they can speed up the interview process or make you an offer. Knowing you have another offer will make you more attractive to them. By this you may get higher salary at interview.

J N Das
31 months ago
Nonesense - No one care about your other offers. - Dr. David E. 31 months ago
If u r correct - why not Just lie to them. - Dr. David E. 31 months ago
PS: Salary negotations AFTER job offer - not before. - Dr. David E. 31 months ago

Supply and demand plays a significant role. As unemployment falls the power shifts slightly towards the prospective employees and salaries rise.

David Cottrell
31 months ago
Of course: Economics of Supply and Demand 101 - Dr. David E. 31 months ago
yes this is a good reminder - Ellen 31 months ago
DITTO - Dr. David E. 31 months ago
David Cottrell great thought have explained a very big thing with very less no of words. Great work. Keep it up. - Er. 31 months ago
Breviety is the surest route to perusal - Dr. David E. 31 months ago
Thanks - Dr. David E. 31 months ago
Yes correct. Candidate should try to take opportunity after joining in company. - J N Das 31 months ago
Better right before joining! Most leverage - Dr. David E. 31 months ago
"Thanks for giving me a job. Now about a raise" isn't a good strategy on one's first day at work. - David 31 months ago
Ha Nice = Thanks for the chuckle - Dr. David E. 31 months ago

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