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How organic Agroproduct is good for health, if more people will adopt agriculture as prime business and organic farming shall be ultimate decision it will be better.

Organic Farming
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J N Das
6 months ago

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Organic products reduce public health risks to farm workers, their families and consumers as per  scientific findings it is  health benefits and in agricultural process it reduce exposure to chemicals and organic farming builds healthy soil combating  situation and  supports water conservation and water health with  animal health and welfare. 

Er. Jangyadutta D
6 months ago
Organic farming Receive premium prices for their products, it has Access fast-growing local, regional markets to Support local economies avail market products to consumers as Improve water quality, Conserve energy, Increase biodiversity and Contribute to soil health - Er. Jangyadutta 6 months ago
Organic farming provide several benefits to environment so people choose organic food which is for long-term sustainability approach to food production, soil, water, air and climate change, biodiversity, genetically modified organisms and ecological services. - Er. Jangyadutta 6 months ago

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