Crypto Currency Adoption


What is the rate of adoption of crypto currency in the US and in other countries? Assuming there are adoption rate differences by country, why do they exist? 

Brian McCloskey
46 months ago

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It is very hard, if not impossible, for governments to adopt Crypto-currency due to its non-regulatory nature. However, a lot of people in the US use Crypto-currency to perform online transactions as well as for investment.

Dr. Qazi Mamoon
45 months ago

The adoption rate differs from one country to another because the regulatory laws are different. However, this is not the only factor that causes the difference. The economic structure, financial system and several other factors cause the adoption rate of crypto to be different from one country to another.

According to different reports and insights, the adoption of crypto on a global scale surge around 880% in 2021. The peer-to-peer crypto exchanges really boosted the utility and significance of crypto assets in the growing markets.
Speaking specifically of America, a report suggests that it is somewhat behind on the adoption of crypto. The global average of people owning crypto is around 19%, whereas in America only 9% of people own crypto. This is 10% lower than the global average mentioned here.

However, the United States of America does not have the lowest rate as the United Kingdom is even lower at 8%.

Ben Jonas
6 months ago

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