ICOs and Regulation


How are different regulators going to approach the growing phenomenon of public ICOs? And is there a danger of regulatory arbitrage?

Stefan Klauser
41 months ago

2 answers


It is important to remember that regulators do not regulate technologies but only citizens of their own jurisdiction. To that extend regulators do not regulate the Internet, blockchain or ICOs (as visible by most ICOs now excluding US citizens from participating).

Furthermore, blockchain projects have regulation build into their DNA; smart contract systems are potentially the most effective tools for regulation with every individual being able to audit the code/law and only participants in the ecosystem being able to influence the dynamics of the execution of the smart contract(s).

That being said - decentralise before you ICO!

Christian Kameir
32 months ago

SEC looking at it. No ICO regulatory authonrity over tech startup financing.
ICO commissioner announced on 6/14 new strategic plan for data protection, very early stage for this frontier. TMV's Global FinTech expertise & public-private contacts can monitor specifically your interests: give you a monthly status report and alert you if anything significant occurs. Am currently on iphone not in office so hard to comment a lit mite now.

June Klein
41 months ago

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