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What are the link between the experience and sensory cues in offering experiences?
What are the link between the experience and trust .?
What are the different sensory components used in sensory branding?

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Samares B
54 months ago

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Components of sensory branding are those impacting the senses, and the most used one is sound. It's usually a few notes or a couple of bars of the same song and is used for many years. Thus, when people hear those few notes or bars of that particular piece of music, they associate it with the brand of a company. It helps promote brand awareness because the music becomes the sensory cue for that brand.

Brands that become iconic brands have built significant trust with their customers in that their customers "know" they will get the expected experience when they purchase the product or service. Customers gain comfort from predictability and consistency. Good customer service is key. Companies can create a competitive advantage when they distinguish themselves based on customer experience with their product or service. There is alot of marketing focus on the customer experience right now. Think of it as making decisions with the customer in mind instead of from a purely company-centric perspective.

Hope that helps.

Mary Sanderson MBA, Marketing, Communications, Public Relations
54 months ago
Thanks Mary for valuable answer or my question! - Samares 54 months ago
Nice, Mary. Intel's tones evoke that sentiment for me. - Michael 54 months ago
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Sight, sound, scent, touch, and taste is the best recipe for a delicious and successful brand!
Using various senses, a brand creates an exciting experience and also forms a connection on a deeper level with its consumers. Sensory stimuli generates a unique product involvement that goes beyond the product itself. A brand armed with multiple senses is always going to be more memorable, significant and have an army of loyal users behind it.

Abhishek Raj
54 months ago
Sound branding started with Intel? Common today - Dr. David E. 43 months ago
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