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Now that we all start being concern about the plastic use. Would a store of detergents/soaps/shampoo etc, in bulk will success? You come with your own recyclable bottle and fill it once and again. I know there are already several stores like this in Spain at least, but do not know if people use them. Would you use it?

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María F Lara
55 months ago

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Well, the idea sounds good. If something like is there, I'd use it.

Charu Gulati
55 months ago
Agree. Why not. - Maya 55 months ago

Yes, recyclable bottle is a good idea. The same can be applied in stores like Walmart. As you bring your grocery bag, bring your plastic bottel. Why not.

Hitesh Mathpal
55 months ago
Yes, totally agree. That goes to the other plastic products too :) - Charu 55 months ago

That is a good idea. We should try this.

Maya Kharkwal MA, BEd
55 months ago

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