B2B Prospecting in a Pandemic
Live Topic
14: How can solution providers attract quality leads to online events?
13: Prospects are distracted as we enter 2021. How do you engage them?
12: How can sales build relationships in an increasingly digital-centric buyer journey?
11: How are B2B solution providers engaging buyers during the pandemic?
10: How can we extend the core methodologies of the top 5% of sales performers to the other 95%?
09: How can sales do a better job of delivering what prospects want?
08: What do B2B demand generation marketers need to change or do in 2021?
07: Less than 1 percent of "Marketing Content Download Leads" are converting to Discovery Meetings, what can be done to improve this critical conversion metric?
06: How can sales leverage content, research, insights, or expertise to get discovery meetings?
05: How can companies show the impact of their solution in terms prospects can understand and relate to?
04: How will traditional F2F, outside, relationship-based teams react to COVID-19?
03: Ways to engage prospects by sharing insights on their competitors
02: How Can B2B Companies Optimize Their Virtual Sales Performance, Both during COVID-19 and Post-COVID-19?
01: Innovative NNPMs Programs that deliver results (Net New Prospect Meetings)
00: How do best-in-class B2B sales & marketing companies drive prospect meetings during a pandemic?
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