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The Future of Electric Vehicles (EV) and Green Technology

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Currnt is trusted by
thousands of
professionals and
hundreds of innovative
companies to connect and share
rare perspective to unlock fresh
insights and advance their fields

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format_quote I really enjoy the platform. I love discussing these topics - to be able to do so with a group of experts [peers] is amazing. We don't always agree, but everyone is respectful and super smart. Then to get paid on top is a bonus!

Michael Fahey, General Counsel at Homeserve

Due to a seemingly inevitable tipping point toward Electric Vehicles (EV) and other digital transportation solutions impacting energy spend, service delivery, sustainability, and branding, we are bringing together transportation professionals that have, are, or will be involved in assessing the complexities of an EV transformation decision.

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There is an enterprise sponsor that wants to know what you know. Rather than a lame survey or real-time meetings, this engagement will be open 24/ your convenience. You engage when you feel like it once a week, you have fun meeting new people also hot on the topic, you earn points that you convert to cash (not change-your-life money, but fist-pump-money). Expect to spend about 15 minutes per week, but like potato chips, it's tempting to do much more.

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Project Objectives:
- Better understand the needs of the market.
- Explore and map the current landscape.
- Identify future directions.
- Determine a recommended path.

peopleSeeking Expert Participation

- Experts in EV
- Transportation Consultants
- Board Members
- Advisors
- Heads of Finance
- EV Service Providers
- Transportation & Logistics Analysts



helpPlease describe your role or share your experience in assessing or influencing strategic innovations in transportation.

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