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Exploring the Commercialization of Microcapsule Technologies

We are assembling an ongoing virtual advisory board to discuss the future of microcapsule technologies and its applications across industries.

One of our professional facilitators will lead an open discussion for our client to better understand the trends, feasibilities, challenges, and whitespace for microcapsule technology to be successfully scaled in a market. In this collaborative engagement, you will be one of 15-20 experts in your field. You will have the opportunity to network with, learn from, and gain recognition from your peers.

Activities include:
1. Exploring a variety of themes
2. Map the competitive landscape (i.e. emerging trends, disruptive tech, etc.)
3. React to the latest media/reports in this space
4. Enjoy the option of one-to-one engagement with other board members

You will have the unique opportunity to gain and share insights on the subject as you advance innovation in the field with top thought leaders like you from around the world.

Participation is 100% online and at your convenience.

By applying here, you are committing to participate once per week or as inspired, at your convenience.

peopleSeeking Experts Participation

Looking to engage experts in, but not limited to, the following:
- Business/market analytics - specialty chemistry (e.g. encapsulation) and process equipment
- Technical expertise - in the different potential fields which can define the value of encapsulation and constraints for implementation.
- Venture financing - to define the required technical and business model elements to make such a proposition attractive for an investment grade external startup development.


Jay Dwivedi

Business Strategy, Market Intelligence for Industrials and Tech Sectors

Top Applicants

100% Online (No travel)
At Convenience (No meetings)
No Commitment (Opt out at any time)

flag Expectations

Virtual Advisory Board members log on at least once a week or as inspired to contribute commentary and engage with peers

stars Value

- Learn about new developments and trends in your area of expertise
- Connect with other high-caliber peers and expand your network
- Enhance your reputation as a thought leader on topics matching your passion and expertise
- Become informed about how technology will disrupt the practice of innovation in your industry
- Earn $50 per month as a member

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