Credibility at scale


As the internet fills up with noise, there are only 2 principles that produce results: credibility and consistency. Currnt provides managed online dialogues of your target market, facilitated to yield steady flows of insights and much needed perspective, supplying a steady cadence of premium content for your teams to disseminate on regular basis.

Become the voice of market

Coming up with something new and relevant to say is not easy, let alone packaging it in the multiple forms and levels of depth your content strategy requires. Top brands use KnowledgeStream™ to create Virtual Market Advisory Panels that produce continuous market intelligence that fuel a river of content ranging from social posts, blogs, summary slides, and podcast interviews.

Strategic leadership leverages the the voice of market

Producing insights and content on the topics that your customers care about is the only sure way to stay relevant to your market, and it's the only way to keep your people entirely empathetic and aligned to each other and to the market itself. The voice of market is the single source of truth, it breaks down biases, and provides strategic leadership between product, sales and marketing teams.

Extend the conversation on a continuous basis

Currnt's facilitated Knowledge Networking, delivers steady streams of experiences, storytelling, insights and rare perspective from real people that have their own followings. Recognizing your panel of thought-leaders leveraging their social networks as they promote your content into their own circles.

Shift culture towards customer obsession

Currnt empowers employees with first hand experiential learning directly from target customers. These candid insights overrule internal biases and create a common understanding and empathy for the market needs. Currnt provides the ability to extend the learning; and employees, to the project teams, build distribution lists, embed the discussions or outputs onto internal pages, and even allow employees to participate in the engagement.

Relevance is a factor of credibility and consistency

Have confidence that an engagement practice on Currnt will drive meaningful change in the credibility of your brand. While the rest of the market relies on clever quips and phrases, your brand will be pointing to a real experience of what experts actually talk about. This authentic rigor is not only appreciated, but is rewarded by evidence of followers and viewers clicking through the content and back to the actual panel.



Attract the right community

We use AI to find your panel to spec, then you select your members with a thumbs up or down.
Finding the right people is easy... that's just technology, People always ask, "why are these amazing people applying to my community?"
Currnt attracts people motivated to share, learn and earn on subjects they are passionate about. We call it "Knowledge Networking"; a rare opportunity to meet equal caliber peers, learn, and get recognized for real value in the form of points, that can be converted to cash (not "change-your-life" cash, but "fist-pump" cash).


Get the most insights

Subject matter expert facilitators keep the conversation focused, and purpose driven. The certified facilitators leverage a range of tools (surveys, maps, media feeds) to host a rich discussion on carefully curated themes. They ensure participation and manage input toward the objectives of the sponsor, resulting in distilled insights on a reliable basis.


Get the right output

Deliverables are to learn from and share internally or externally to motivate change.
The Currnt content community is a gig pool of talented writers, bloggers, podcasters, info-graphic designers, and audio video editors, connected to the platform to ensure the right form of content is provided fast and to the specifications that you define.

"The voice of market is power. Currnt has become our most authentic and consistent source of relevant content"

Yoli Chisholm

VP of Marketing, Sprinklr


Leading brands that use Currnt for

Thought Leadership


See what you can do with Currnt for Thought Leadership

DIY Communities

Type in what you want to expre and with whom and the platform will drive scores of applicants for your selection.

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SME Facilitation

The Currnt domain expert facilitator community is key to the success of each project. Matched to the exact subject, the facilitator acts as an extension of your teams to provide a layer of consultation that goes beyond the insights generated, ensure you uncover the right insights and know how to apply them.

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The platform generates the content most fitting of your goals and can coordinate the inclusion and distribution of the right type of content to the people that you wish to be informed.

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Knowledge Networking

Everyone you engaged on the platform gets added to your company's Knowledge Network making it easy to search and reconnect for quick rounds of feedback or sipmle chat converstations.

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