Mary Wirtz Cooper Cooper Consulting Founder: Strategic Marketing Leader I Brand Builder I Drives Innovation

78 Panelists

Alex Jones Head of Market & UX Research Past 30 days points: 513
David Tigay Growth and Innovation Manager Past 30 days points: 487
Marzio Alessi Senior Innovation Manager Past 30 days points: 311
Jonathan Ralton Senior Product Manager / Team Lead, Digital Enablement Past 30 days points: 295
Jorge Arce Head of Product and Operations at Giftable | IESE MBA | ex-Amazon, ex-SABMiller, ex-P&G Past 30 days points: 287
Jantzen Cole Vice President of Marketing Past 30 days points: 254
Mustafa Al-mosawi Director New Product Development Past 30 days points: 249
Shady Ramadan Head of Product | Digital Transformation | Omnichannel | eCommerce Expert | Product Management | Digital Health Past 30 days points: 171
Lulu Lin Director of Product Past 30 days points: 167
Kevin O'Donnell VP of Product Past 30 days points: 165
Panagiotis Goros VP Product Management Past 30 days points: 163
Josef Z Past 30 days points: 153
James Monighan Entrepreneurial, delivery focused global Product Leader I Digital Innovation | Sustainability Past 30 days points: 124
Rocco Del Greco Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Entrepreneur, Strategist, Educator, Public Speaker, Philanthropist Past 30 days points: 119
Tara Hodgkins Product Manager Past 30 days points: 107
Rob Patey Marketing leader, ready to help you with marketing strategy, digital marketing, content marketing, product marketing, performance marketing Past 30 days points: 100
Will Zhou Director, Product Marketing Past 30 days points: 93
Mitul Mehta Sr. Vice President & Global Head - Marketing, Channel Sales and Alliances at Datamatics Past 30 days points: 77
Shannon M. Hunihan CMO @ Mint Eco | Data Driven Decision Making | Customer Happiness Focused | On a mission to bring a fresh approach to all aspects of the car wash industry Past 30 days points: 77
Rosaria Oliveira de Freitas Senior Product Owner at iGaming Past 30 days points: 70
Josh Tilley Strategy Director Past 30 days points: 51
Aubrey Zobrist Director Of Marketing And Product Management Past 30 days points: 45
Henry Skull Founder/CEO/CTO @ SMS-iT. MBA. BBA. BSC. Past 30 days points: 42
Nikki Matthews Innovation Consultant Past 30 days points: 38
Poppy Reid Director Of Product Design Past 30 days points: 38
Farid Poonja Chief Product Officer, Healthcare Past 30 days points: 33
Miquel Iribarren PRODUCT MANAGER WINE INGREDIENTS en Ravago Chemicals Past 30 days points: 33
Neal Wolff Vice President, Marketing Past 30 days points: 30
Alvaro Perez Bello Founder & Head of Product at Clevergy | Professor at ICAI | Nova Member Past 30 days points: 18
Michael Elrod Director of Product Management\Chief Imaging Consultant at Medical Consultants of America Past 30 days points: 16
Manish Arora Global Director of Cloud & SaaS Solutions Past 30 days points: 14
Aldrine Einsteen Product Manager at Volante Technologies Past 30 days points: 13
Maria Gester Chief Marketing Officer at HappyPancake ⎮ Social Media and Marketing Consultant Past 30 days points: 5
Kim Malcolm Senior Product Marketing Manager at Zappi Past 30 days points: 5
Michael Bragen Technology Marketing Leader | Partner Alliance Strategy | Product Management | Product Marketing | Seller Enablement Past 30 days points: 4
Manoj Kothari Chief Design Strategist & Futurist Past 30 days points: 4
Mayleen Bywater Senior Product Manager Past 30 days points: 4
Justin Meade Head Of Product Management Past 30 days points: 3
Emily-Rose Barry Director of Product Past 30 days points: 3
Nick Falkowski Head of Product - Delivering great customer experiences Past 30 days points: 3
Derek Granath Sr. Director, SD-WAN Product and Technical Marketing Past 30 days points: 3
Ricardo Shelley VP Strategy, Global Ventures at The Coca-Cola Company Past 30 days points: 3
Steven Nuyt Head of Product Past 30 days points: 3
Noureddine Bouhaddaoui Product Management Consultant - EMEA- Cyber Security / Cloud - Entreprise LOB Past 30 days points: 3
Erin Martin Head of Marketing - Transport NA at Indigo Past 30 days points: 2
Ivan Gomez Vice President - Marketing, Innovation, and Research Past 30 days points: 2
Stacey Force Vice President Global Marketing & Innovation Strategist - Talent Solutions Past 30 days points: 2
Krishnan Allampallam Global Marketing /Product Management /Business Strategy/Branding IVD / Oncology / Infectious disease / Life Science Past 30 days points: 2
Giorgio Licastro Global Senior Product Innovation Director + Media Lead Past 30 days points: 1
Catherine Lehmann Director, Global Market management
Neda Golshan VP Of Product
Ron Greenfield Chief Marketing Officer for Legal Chiefs LLC
Jennifer Wiseman Vice President Consumer and Product Insights and Development
Janne Lautanala Senior Technology & Innovation Leader | Digital Transformation | CIO | CTO | Consulting | Business Unit Lead | Certified Advisory Board Member
Mayuresh Gandhi
Jake Schneider SVP, Connections Strategy & Innovation at The Marketing Arm
Yael Kfir Chief Strategy Officer
Eric Brickman Chief Operating Officer
Afef BELHADJ VP Innovation ITN&Data job lines at Orange SA
Vishal Medatia Thought Leader Liaison - Rheumatology Marketing
Nina Quist Head of Marketing
Sara Kamran Marketing Director at INSTRUMED ( Pvt.) Ltd.
Dror Sabbag VP of Customer Success
Leif Steigleder Product Management - 5G, LTE, Hardware, Software
Matt Benka Product Manager
Brant Kukuk Product Manager at Ditch Witch
Mayesha Farzana
Kristal Audain Product Manager
James Beadle Product Manager at Cambridge Assessment International Education
Tom Grogan Curiosity ignites an abundance of ideas
Susan (Hoxie) Program/Operations Director at HAVRION
Stacey Wisniewski Senior Director Of Marketing
Philip Black Senior Vice President of Strategy | Helping brands connect with the right people
Akhilesh Khandelwal Senior Product Manager at BT plc
Sherry Chapman Business Strategy, New Channel Development, Marketing, and Product
Steve Cater VP Growth
Ansgar Dodt VP Strategic Development, Software Monetization
Lee Simerly Creative Director | Product & Business Development

Product Market Fit for a Shifting Marketplace

July 27, 2022

Product Leaders are facing a rapidly changing marketplace and traditional means of learning are outdated. We are looking to understand how product lea... See more

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Executive Summary

Research Learning Tool - Hot Trends Abound - for Capturing Voice of the Consumer

  • Leaders are looking for enhanced Research Learning Tools to keep up with market speed & demands
  • There is desire for cost effective tools which are: easy to learn and use, provide quick access to data, offer data visualization, and help with analytics to uncover insights
  • There is demand for quality tools which are: scalable flexible, modular which can reach a large or targeted sample and can be integrated with other systems
  • Optimal VOC tools will have two way communication, to let consumers know their voice has been heard

Theme Content Brief


Innovators for Research Platforms

Title Suggestion

What does the future have instore for Research Learning Tools?


Next Gen Research Learning Tools will be easier to use and provide more features

June 24, 2022 to July 08, 2022