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The Age of Continuous Connection

May 24, 2019 to October 4, 2019

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The Age of Continuous Connection - the May June 2018 issue of HBR. Thanks to new technologies that enable frequent, low-friction, customized digital interactions, companies today are building much deeper ties with customers than ever before. Instead of waiting for customers to come to them, firms are addressing customers’ needs the moment they arise—and sometimes even earlier.


Panelists (39)

Christine Hade Omni Channel Brand Marketing & Innovation Executive
Rob Bickford COO, SVP, CIO and President
Brian Chossek Purpose, Customer Experience, Automation, Change Management, Strategic Planning
Autumn Bayles Director
Curtis Carlson, Ph.D. Founder and CEO
Hitesh Mathpal Technical Director
Sergey Belyaev Loyalty marketing.
Dawn Houghton Innovation Consultant
Paul Korzeniowski B2B Content Producer
Michael Phelan Start-Up CMO, Founder & Principal Go-to-Market Pros
Anthony J
Anand V Consultant
Patrick Henz Head of GRC US, Regional Compliance Officer Americas, Futurist, Storyteller, AI.
Anvesha Poswalia Marketer | Digital & Brand Strategist | Top 50 Digital Leaders India CMO Asia | Adobe Digi100
Jeffrey Eker, Jr. CEO - Tediferous, LLC | Technology Portfolio Director
Vijay Tambwekar Customer Experience, Growth through Transformation, Delivery & Operational Excellence
Supra Banerjee Principal Consultant, Product & Technology Strategy
Julius Golovatchev Founder & Chief Digital & Innovation Officer (CDIO)
Masarrat A Shah Business Program Manager - SIAM Process Architect
Joseph Jaffe Admiral, Co-founder at the HMS Beagle, 5-time author (5th book due 2019), Keynote Speaker, Thought Leader, Rabble-Rouser, Trouble-Maker
Chris Woods Global Innovation & Strategy Leader at Insight
Yury Gomez Global Leader, Mergers and Acquisitions, Marketing, Sales, Commercial Strategy
Amit Garg Head of Analytics | Customer Experience
Patrick Lethert Product Marketing, Thought Leadership, Vertical Market Strategy and Marketing - IoT, Software, SaaS, FinTech, Payments
Jason M
Jack C Crawford Managing Partner at | AI Maven
Marnix Morskate Program Manager at FrieslandCampina
Amandeep Midha VP Engineering at Ernit
Jane Bromley Director of Consulting
Angela L. Hill Vice President Retail, Sales, Marketing, eCommerce, Planning: Implements Strategies That Significantly Improve Results
Andrew H
Matt Owens Director, Client Services at Stylus Innovation + Advisory
Ajay Balamurugadas Software Product Evangelist at Tyto Software Pvt. Ltd. (Creators of Sahi)
Gerald Shields Experienced CIO and Business Leader
Anant Dabholkar Senior Manager - Market Data at CLSA TECHNOLOGY & SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED
Siva Bohm Royal Society Industry Fellow
Andrea Landuzzi Global Marketing Director Polymer Additives, Technology Solutions, SOLVAY
Jason Kaska Global Director of Sales Operations
Awais Malik Group Consumer Officer, VEON (Formerly Vimpelcom)

Open to all (including visitors) to ask and answer questions related to the topic.