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The Evolving Role of Insights and Analytics

February 22, 2019 to May 13, 2019

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CMO buyer satisfaction with research companies is at alarmingly low levels. Many observe that CMO has a more difficult role than ever -- forced to elevate their activities from just brand and marketing planning to having enterprise-wide revenue focus. GRIT study hypothesizes that research firms’ concentration on tactical execution to the exclusion of strategic advice often relegates research companies to also-ran status.

How can internal marketer Chief Research Officers play a more important role counseling the Chief Marketing Officer? And how can research suppliers help better answer the big-picture questions and add a consultant component that is respected and sought out?


Panelists (24)

Christine Hade Omni Channel Brand Marketing & Innovation Executive
Anvesha Poswalia Marketer | Digital & Brand Strategist | Top 50 Digital Leaders India CMO Asia | Adobe Digi100
Michael Franken Consultant, Sr. Manager/Director | Revenue & Profit Growth | Catalyst for Team-based Results, Adapting to Change
Mariana Gomes Product Manager | Co-founder
Andria Long CPG Innovation, Insights & Strategy Executive | Growth Advisor | Board Member | Keynote Speaker
Falguni Desai Head of Digital Strategy & Transformation
Gary Desjardins Marketing & Innovation Leadership | Medical Device | Healthcare | Consumer
Jen Holtvluwer Head of Marketing and Inside Sales
Hugo Perez Chief Creative Strategist/Founder
Anthony Garcia Presales Technical Consultant at UiPath
Laureen Schroeder Chief Marketing Officer
Vicki Morris CEO & CMO Heart Centered Marketing (Global Marketing Agency)
Michele Sachar Director, Strategic Research and Insights
Phil Rubin Customer Loyalty and Relationship Marketing Strategist; Founder & CEO rDialogue
Wendy Harrington Chief Marketing Officer
Matt Owens Director, Client Services at Stylus Innovation + Advisory
Daniella Heywood Head of US offices at Branding Science
Travis Murdock VP of Marketing at Xinova
Pam Cory Vice President Global Marketing at BitTitan
Joe Sallustio,Ed.D.(ABD) Chief Operating Officer / Executive Vice President
Anne-Marie Rouse CMO, Sensative AB
Lisa Golloher (Martin) Vice President, Strategic Planning at The Mars Agency
Subroto Sen Indian Market corporate experience of 25 years. Growth catalyst, Market/Product turnaround, (Indian Ivy League credentials (IIT -IIM)
Flip H

Open to all (including visitors) to ask and answer questions related to the topic.