Open to all (including visitors) to ask and answer questions related to the topic.


Capturing Knowledge to Empower Future Leaders and Employees

June 13, 2018 to October 29, 2018

We believe that US companies are missing out on the tacit knowledge and accumulated wisdom embedded in the minds of their leaders at all levels. This knowledge needs to be captured, distilled and then shared with other team members. Team members also need the tools to enable the exchange of ideas and suggestions with peers. Management needs to be able to track this activity and rest secure in the data-driven evidence that having wiser people and a stronger culture leads directly to better business results.

We also believe that the lack of such a “wisdom economy” in most organizations contributes directly to the continuously disappointing employee engagement levels reported by Gallup every year. We would like to dive deep into this perceived “wisdom gap”.

The following are our initial questions for the panel to explore (THEMES):

- What is the overall “state of play” of management development efforts in US business firms?

- What are the roots of the persistent employee engagement problem within the US business community (e.g. Gallup)?

- To what extent do US companies train their emerging leaders on the so-called “soft skills” like leadership, decision-making, and interpersonal effectiveness?

- How are companies capturing the insights of senior and/or soon-to-retire senior leaders as a way of empowering their emerging leaders?

- To what extent are companies engaging their emerging leaders to impact decision-making?

- What educational tools are companies using to support emerging leaders regarding issues and challenges associated with age, gender and race?

- How are companies using digital tools to narrow down the age “gaps” of the five generations present in today’s workforce?

- What are the barriers to full commitment to effective management and leadership development within US companies?

Open to all (including visitors) to ask and answer questions related to the topic.