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The Future of CPG in an Era of eCommerce and Friction-less Markets

September 14, 2017 to June 4, 2018

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The future of CPG in an era of frictionless, manufacturing, supply chain, and eCommerce


Panelists (24)

Raoul Gruenberg Proven Executive: Best Practices + Worldwide Vertical Expertise
Christine Hade Omni Channel Brand Marketing & Innovation Executive
Mary Wirtz Cooper Cooper Consulting Founder: Strategic Marketing Leader I Brand Builder I Drives Innovation
Antony Welfare Innovation Strategy Director at Oracle | Blockchain Leader | Author: The Retail handbook #1 Bestseller
Michael Phelan Start-Up CMO, Founder & Principal Go-to-Market Pros
Paul Wilkinson Head of Technology Research at Tesco Labs
Jinal Shah Digital Strategist | Ecommerce Strategist | Former VP of Marketing @Newell |
Dustin Garis Chief Troublemaker
Henry H. Ngan, MBA, CPA Senior International Investment & Financial Executive I I Venture Partner I FinTech I Blockchain & Cryptoassets I Data Science I AI I ML I IoT I China Expert
Dan Harper Business Advisor -- Sales, Marketing and Management Consulting
Joan Dharmadi Senior Business Development Manager
Robert Cameron “Senior Integrated B2B Direct Marketing Strategist: Building brands for the future”
Tyler Mayoras Brand builder igniting a food revolution investing in better food and sustainable agriculture companies.
Dave Knox Brand Builder, Digital Transformation, Venture Investor, and Startup Advisor
Greg Hocking VP, Strategy & Portfolio Mgmt, Global R&D
Kathy Galloway CPG Brand & Innovation Consultant
Irina Koulikova Manager Bain & Company
Jim Holland Snr Sales and Marketing Executive | Strategic Initiatives Fulfillment /Contract Packaging /Turnkey/Display - Packaging
Scott MacDougall Sr. Marketing Manager at Wolters Kluwer Canada
Scott MacDougall Sr. Marketing Manager at Wolters Kluwer Canada
Brian Rensing, JD, MBA CIO | Digital Transformation | Data & Analytics | Customer Experience | Enterprise Architecture | IT Strategy
John King VP Client Services at Transition Path Inc. Principal, John King Consulting
Martin Suter Head of eCommerce, APAC at Anheuser-Busch InBev
Charlotte Addison Vice President Marketing

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