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The pace of innovation cycles is only increasing. Markets are constantly shifting. Your company needs to transform strategic insights into customer-centric change quickly and on an ongoing basis. Currnt is a qualitative market intelligence platform that uses AI to recruit expert advisors on demand into one-time advisory Design Sprints, or into ongoing KnowledgeStreams™. Top research companies and brand research teams use Currnt to drive fresh qualitative insights from experts and influencers to accelerate delivery of the right product to the right market.

Data is a proxy for what customers really think. Just talk to them.

Research teams that use Currnt increase their relevance to business goals by combining quantitative and qualitative insights, storytelling and active learning experiences. Discover unmet needs. Get the "why" behind the data. Easily vet, validate, compel, and motivate stakeholders at a pace never seen before.

Save time and be a strategic influencer to the business.

Too often research is reactive to business needs, Currnt's KnowledgeStreams™ and Design Sprints take away that burden with turnkey solutions driven by technology and expert facilitators. This gives researchers the bandwidth to focus on what is being learned and what to solve for next. Research teams that rely on Currnt increase their relevance to the business by reducing time to insight faster than ever in Design Sprints, as well as on-demand intelligence in KnowledgeStreams™.

Virtual Market Advisory Communities are intelligence on tap.

Currnt KnowledgeStreams™ allow research teams to shift from being reactive to the business needs to be proactive contributors of fresh thinking. Having an ongoing Voice of Market means that you can explore unmet needs, assess new solutions, and then pivot to more specific topics when certain business needs arise.

Control without the lift.

Currnt puts research teams in control of all decisions, but relieves them of the heavy work. Expert facilitators assigned to each engagement are accountable for helping with problem definition, recommending applicants, managing the discussion and synthesizing the insights for publication in a range of outputs to your specifications.

Customer engagement does not need to exhaust your customers.

Improve customer engagement and minimize survey fatigue by making it a rech experience for them to learn from one another. Currnt provdes a knowledge networking experience to your participants such they leave feeling enriched and invigorated, rather than annoyed and extracted.



Attract the right community

We use AI to find your panel to spec, then you select your members with a thumbs up or down.
Finding the right people is easy... that's just technology, People always ask, "why are these amazing people applying to my community?"
Currnt attracts people motivated to share, learn and earn on subjects they are passionate about. We call it "Knowledge Networking"; a rare opportunity to meet equal caliber peers, learn, and get recognized for real value in the form of points, that can be converted to cash (not "change-your-life" cash, but "fist-pump" cash).


Get the most insights

Subject matter expert facilitators keep the conversation focused, and purpose driven. The certified facilitators leverage a range of tools (surveys, maps, media feeds) to host a rich discussion on carefully curated themes. They ensure participation and manage input toward the objectives of the sponsor, resulting in distilled insights on a reliable basis.


Get the right output

Deliverables are to learn from and share internally or externally to motivate change.
The Currnt content community is a gig pool of talented writers, bloggers, podcasters, info-graphic designers, and audio video editors, connected to the platform to ensure the right form of content is provided fast and to the specifications that you define.

"I got the same results as others had gotten with traditional research, but for 10% of the cost and one-sixth of the time."

Antoine Eloi

Senior Manager, J&J


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See what you can do with Currnt

DIY Communities

Type in what you want to expre and with whom and the platform will drive scores of applicants for your selection.

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SME Facilitation

The Currnt domain expert facilitator community is key to the success of each project. Matched to the exact subject, the facilitator acts as an extension of your teams to provide a layer of consultation that goes beyond the insights generated, ensure you uncover the right insights and know how to apply them.

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The platform generates the content most fitting of your goals and can coordinate the inclusion and distribution of the right type of content to the people that you wish to be informed.

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Knowledge Networking

Everyone you engaged on the platform gets added to your company's Knowledge Network making it easy to search and reconnect for quick rounds of feedback or sipmle chat converstations.

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