Americans, have you seen any impact from tariffs?


This is a question primarily for those experts who are residents of the United States. And this is not about the impact on your employer, but you as a regular person.

Background: I have been involved in multiple discussions related to tariffs imposed by the United States, particularly on goods coming from China. Looking at the inflation data, though, it is clear that prices overall are not rising. However, tariffs are very much in effect.

Personal experience: As a regular American in a 2-person household, going about my routine life, I have not seen any impact so far. The prices tend to be all over the place any way even without the tariffs. So, if price of toaster A seems high, we all used to buying toaster B. It has been hard to pinpoint if tariffs are having an impact on our family budget.

Question: What about you? Have you seen any cases of tariffs showing up on a product that you were buying? How high was the impact? And what did you do?

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Jay Dwivedi
11 months ago

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Yes, I have. I had two LiFepo4 batteries manufactured for me in Shenzhen for solar storage and was hit with nearly $1,800 in additional costs beyond the standard importing and customs fees I'm used to paying. Ridiculous.

Wayne Alldredge
11 months ago
Wayne Alldredge Appreciate the resonse with hard numbers. This is exactly what I was hoping to get out of this question. - Jay 11 months ago - It was two batteries of 10kWh each for a total just shy of $7,000 that turned into $8,750 plus all the the importing fees that goes with it. - Wayne 11 months ago
Wayne Alldredge While an additional $1750 sounds impressive enough, when I confirmed the percentage of 25%, it sounds even more impressive. Any time price of a product rises by that percentage, it is very high. And it looks like in your case, you had no option, but for a discretionary item, many of us will force to delay or cancel the purchase. - Jay 10 months ago
correct. I would have purchased only one 10kWh battery if I had know this particular shipment was going to trigger the tarriff - Wayne 10 months ago

Eyeglass accessories like cases that commonly come with the purchase of glasses are most commonly made in China. During the first round of tariffs Sept 2018- May 2019 the tariff was 10% and the wholesalers absorbed the costs. Since June the tariffs increased to 25%. We have been receiving notices from our suppliers that state a 15% temporary price increase will be applied to items subject to tariffs.

So far, we are ( the clinic) are absorbing this additional cost- but if it gets any larger, or if more of our products are effected we will have to pass it along to our patients. I would imagine we will start to see the costs of our frames increase as the manufacturers start to pass it along.

Christie Yee
10 months ago
Many thanks Christie Yee for providing the data. The rubber is about to hit the road now and many Americans will see the price hikes. How long can retailers absorb the cost? Not forever. - Jay 10 months ago

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