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I recently heard a speaker present a very compelling argument that belonging > diversity + inclusion. What are your thoughts? I find this profound.

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Vic Clesceri
14 months ago

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Hi Vic. I completely agree with this. Diversity and Inclusion tends to focus on programmatic ways to bring diverse people in. It often focuses on helping folks "fit in" to an organization. Belonging is the opposite of fitting in. If a person belongs at an organization, it will inherently be welcoming to difference. This comes from the very fiber of who the organization is. It's a culture, vibe, energy that exists. This stems from the DNA of the type of folks in leadership and the type of people it hires. It welcomes difference. As a woman of color, I have to "chase" those environments (my church, boards that have folks of color on them, family time) in order to keep my soul charged and energetic.

Cindi Bright
14 months ago

Personally I don't agree with this. Belonging in an organization does not make it inherently inclusive. KKK, Manson family, there are contra-examples.

Omer Aziz, PENG, CHRL
14 months ago

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