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‘Informed’ is Not Enough... today requires understanding.
Custom virtual panels of smart people creating intelligent outcomes
(Psst...this is different than anything you have ever seen)
Experts and Companies Stay Future Fit
for knowledge networking
  • Learn from other top experts
  • Get recognized as a thought leader
  • Grow your network
  • Earn rewards and get paid
Private Panels
for product-market-fit
  • Discover unmet needs
  • Validate value propositions
  • Align teams to the voice of market
  • Create credible thought leadership
Proof of passion
OpenCurrnts TM let self assembled professional groups engage more, grow, and get paid.
Always-on visual engagement
Transcripts and content for all Clubhouse and Zoom meetings
Feature and recognize top experts
Earn and share cash reward
Proof of Action
Private Panels help teams gain empathy to where the market is going.
Select the ideal panel and facilitator
Engage in quick Sprints or ongoing Streams
Receive custom insights and content
Align your product and people to the future

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Currnt for companies
Currnt is a modern way to accelerate product-market-fit and establish
credibility. On Currnt, companies gain market intelligence from facilitated
panels of their target market fueling both insights and strategic thought
leadership practices.
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A Spirit of Practical Expertise
Currnt is for continual learners that enjoy fresh thinking, healthy debate,
and authentic professional relationships.

- Lynn Power
Innovator, CEO Masami
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Currnt has been a source of relevance for me to know where things are headed… always-on and at my convenience. I continually meet customers, friends and colleagues that expand my thinking.

- Lynn Power
Innovator, CEO Masami
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The best way to predict the future is have a hand in creating it…

(paraphrasing Lincoln, Drucker, Gabor, Kay, Lisberger, Shaklee and many other smart people).